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About us

An introduction to Stockplace Homes

Houses are commonplace – Homes are made

Stockplace Homes brings three decades of property expertise to its select residential developments. Today, our family business is a well-established independent developer for one simple reason: our goal is to always elevate the standard offered by the larger developers.

Stockplace Homes have six features

Rather than feel like the rest, our homes are the best
when it comes to quality and value. Here’s why.

  1. We focus on small, high-end residential developments in prime locations where homes can be made individual.
  2. Everything we build has the occupier in mind, both their needs today and their aspirations tomorrow. We place great emphasis on using the highest quality materials inside and outside of your home, and focus on sustainability, including enhancing the energy efficiency of your property.
  3. We pour care into every building stage, including the finish. This final ten percent is often neglected, but we know it makes all the difference.
  1. Our developments are neighbourhoods in waiting because we also consider the spaces in between each home, creating a unique sense of place.
  2. We bring our broad knowledge of design, planning and construction to each home. This includes extensive experience working sensitively with listed buildings and in conservation areas.
  3. Like our homes, our customer care is second to none and goes beyond the move in date.

Finance, projects & leasing

More than a housebuilder

Stockplace Homes also buys land for residential development, finances and maximises building projects and leases prestigious commercial units and workspaces.

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Land purchasing
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Large scale building projects
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Commercial spaces